The signs were there

The signs were there.

It started in the morning when I put on a James Bond T-shirt. Granted, that’s not much of a sign, but I almost wore it Saturday and changed my mind at the last minute. And these days I’m actually more likely to put on a Perry the Platypus T-shirt because my wife has consigned most of my Bond T-shirts to the basement.

So I’m wearing a James Bond T-shirt. We start there.

I go to get my car’s emissions checked, which we have to do in the Chicago area. I wasn’t expecting a line, but every lane had about three cars waiting. I pull into a lane. After a few minutes I look over at the next lane and the car across from me is an Aston Martin. Well, that’s cool, I think, and admire it until I pull in. I passed the inspection, by the way. Good for another two years.

In the afternoon I get to my doctor’s office and park, not paying too much attention to the car in the next spot. When I get out, I see that it’s a Bentley. Now I’m thinking maybe the spirit of James Bond is following me around today. Is Ian Fleming trying to send me a message?

Get home. Check my email.

Ladies and gentlemen, a publisher has made an offer on my book, The Boy Who Knew Too Much.

Stay tuned.

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